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  Submit FeedbackFeedback (RCT)91%0.09 [0.01-1.59]death0/395/39Improvement, RR [CI]TreatmentControlLi (RCT)75%0.25 [0.06-1.00]no disch.2/124/6Tau​2 = 0.00; I​2 = 0.0%Early treatment79%0.21 [0.06-0.72]2/519/4579% improvementMareev (RCT)39%0.61 [0.14-0.97]no disch.14/2420/21Improvement, RR [CI]TreatmentControlTolouian (RCT)76%0.24 [0.01-8.03]death4852Tau​2 = 0.00; I​2 = 0.0%Late treatment39%0.61 [0.43-0.87]14/7220/7339% improvementMikhaylov (RCT)80%0.20 [0.01-3.97]hosp.0/252/25Improvement, RR [CI]TreatmentControlTau​2 = 0.00; I​2 = 0.0%PrEP80%0.20 [0.01-3.97]0/252/2580% improvementAll studies44%0.56 [0.40-0.78]16/14831/14344% improvement5 bromhexine COVID-19 6/14/21Tau​2 = 0.00; I​2 = 0.0%; Z = 3.41 (p = 0.00033)Lower RiskIncreased Risk
Late Tolouian et al., J. Investig. Med., doi:10.1136/jim-2020-001747 (Peer Reviewed) death, ↓76.0%, p=0.43 Effect of bromhexine in hospitalized patients with COVID-19
Details   Small RCT with 100 patients, 48 with bromhexine added to SOC, showing slower viral- conversion but lower mortality and greater clinical improvement with bromhexine (not statistically significant with few deaths and very high recovery). Th..
PrEP Mikhaylov et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2021.03.03.21252855 (Preprint) hosp., ↓80.0%, p=0.49 Bromhexine Hydrochloride Prophylaxis of COVID-19 for Medical Personnel: A Randomized Open-Label Study
Details   Small prophylaxis RCT with 25 treatment and 25 control health care worker, showing lower PCR+, symptomatic cases, and hospitalization with treatment, although not statistically significant with the small sample size.
Review Al-Kuraishy et al., Current Medical and Drug Research (Review) (Peer Reviewed) review The potential role of Bromhexine in the management of COVID-19: Decipher and a real game-changer
Details   Review article noting that bromhexine is a TMPRSS2 inhibitor with greater effect in lung tissue and attenuates the entry and proliferation of SARS‐CoV‐2.
Late Mareev et al., Кардиология, doi:10.18087/cardio.2020.11.n1440 (Peer Reviewed) no disch., ↓38.8%, p=0.02 Results of Open-Label non-Randomized Comparative Clinical Trial: “BromhexIne and Spironolactone for CoronаvirUs Infection requiring hospiTalization (BISCUIT)
Details   Prospective 103 PCR+ patients in Russia, 33 treated with bromexhine+spironolactone. The odds ratio of having a positive PCR or hospitalization for ≥10 days was 0.07 [0.008–0.61] with treatment. Dosing was bromhexine 8mg 4 times daily, sp..
Early Li et al., Clinical and Translational Science, doi:10.1111/cts.12881 (Peer Reviewed) no disch., ↓75.0%, p=0.11 Bromhexine Hydrochloride Tablets for the Treatment of Moderate COVID‐19: An Open‐Label Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
Details   Tiny RCT with 12 bromhexine and 6 control patients showing non-statistically significant improvements in chest CT, need for oxygen therapy, and discharge rate within 20 days. Authors recommend a larger scale trial.
Early Ansarin et al., Bioimpacts, doi:10.34172/bi.2020.27 (Peer Reviewed) death, ↓90.9%, p=0.05 Effect of bromhexine on clinical outcomes and mortality in COVID-19 patients: A randomized clinical trial
Details   RCT with 39 bromhexine and 39 control patients showing lower mortality, intubation, and ICU admission with treatment. The treatment group received bromhexine hydrochloride 8 mg three times a day for two weeks. All patients received SOC in..
Please send us corrections, updates, or comments. Vaccines and treatments are both extremely valuable and complementary. All practical, effective, and safe means should be used. Elimination of COVID-19 is a race against viral evolution. No treatment, vaccine, or intervention is 100% available and effective for all current and future variants. Denying the efficacy of any method increases the risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic; and increases mortality, morbidity, and collateral damage. We do not provide medical advice. Before taking any medication, consult a qualified physician who can provide personalized advice and details of risks and benefits based on your medical history and situation. Treatment protocols for physicians are available from the FLCCC.
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